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ecoSPEARS Technology Will Give Hudson River New Life – Without Dredging

January 24, 2018 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The EPA is expected to soon decide on the status of GE’s certificate of completion regarding it’s six-year, $1.7 billion cleanup of PCBs along a stretch of the Upper Hudson River. Environmentalists and New York officials claim more dredging must be done to see PCB levels reach certain benchmarks in the Hudson. Meanwhile, a team of environmental scientists and innovators from Orlando, FL are pushing for the EPA, GE, and New York to deploy its SPEARS technology to remove PCBs from the Hudson Superfund site. Forever. Without dredging.

To read more, click here: “ecoSPEARS Transformative Technology Can Permanently Remove PCBs From Hudson River Without Dredging

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