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EPA approves $115M plan to clean up Houston-area Superfund site

Hurricane Harvey may be gone, however the storm has had lasting affects on the state of Texas, including the resuspension of toxic contaminants at a major Superfund site.

On October 11th, the EPA approved a $115M deal to expedite removal of 212,000 cubic yards of waste contaminated with dioxin and furans at the San Jacinto Waste Pits – a prioritized Superfund site since 2008.

The pits consist of two separate impoundments along the San Jacinto river, which is sourced by the Hudson River and empties into Galveston Bay. Floodwaters have damaged a portion of the cap used as a temporary containment method when implemented in 2011 allowing contaminants to become resuspended in the river.

Currently, the northern 14-acre impoundment remains partially submerged in flood waters. The proposed cleanup would prevent further toxins from traveling further downstream….Read More

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