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State study faults Hudson PCB cleanup

Basil Seggos, commissioner of New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation, has declared the state’s research and samples of PCBs taken from the Hudson River prove that cleanup at the nation’s largest Superfund site is far from complete.

The cleanup Seggos refers to is the seven-year-long project undertaken by GE and overseen by both state and federal organizations such as the DEC and EPA. The project cost $1.6 billion over the seven year span and dredged 40 miles of the Hudson in upstate New York.

Seggos opposes the EPA’s decision not to go forward with more remediation, saying the organization overseen by director Scott Pruitt cannot ignore the remaining toxins that were resuspended and left in the Hudson after GE finalized their project in 2015.

Seggos and the NY DEC have spent $2M to collect another 1,200 samples from the river. “The closer you look and the more data you gather, the clearer it is that EPA is allowing General Electric to break its promise to bring the Hudson back to health,” he said….Read More

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